Simplicity Project: Week 1

This is week one of the simplicity project series. If you missed last week’s introduction to the series, you can read it here.

Real quick, below are two lists I made while thinking about areas of life I’d to expand and spend more time on, and areas I’d like to simplify.


health & nutrition: increase hiking, cycling, weight training; train for 10k; eat mostly local and in-season foods; cook one brand-new vegan recipe per week



friendships: more quality time with people who make me happy, more communication, do productive activities together

personal development & education: self-sufficiency, philosophy, politics, economics/investing, career skills, piano

causes: animals, liberty



online activity: check social media once a day; blogs, read only what is most helpful; delete all unnecessary accounts; decrease browsing/videos/music/misc/time wasters.

possessions: sell/give away most of what I own and haven’t used in the last year

purchases: buy only what is necessary or would add the most value, spend money on experiences rather than material goods

transportation: begin to phase out driving; learn more about bike care

entertainment: watch no more than one show a day (this is progress for a person who can, without batting an eye, gobble up four episodes in a row of X-Files, Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Californication, Downton AbbeyGilmore Girls, Mad About You, whatever the current mood calls for)

food: only buy fresh produce, no non-perishables for a while; make own hummus, pesto/tomato sauce, almond/peanut butter, nut milk, jam; start home canning

media: delete all unnecessary/lame media files

Next week’s post will discuss ideas, successes, and failures so far in my attempts at tackling one or more of the above items.

How are you all doing with the project so far? Have you thought about or made your lists–top things to expand or spend more time on, and top things to simplify or decrease? Have you begun yet to put some plans into action?


4 thoughts on “Simplicity Project: Week 1

  1. Good ideas! I like the one about paying for experiences rather than material goods. I’m trying to do more of that. The rest sounds great too- I wish I had the energy to do things like make my own food and bike.

  2. Whew! Lots of changes you are considering! After years of spending too much time organizing too much stuff, I too yearn for a simpler life. I look forward to following your blog. I just picked two areas to focus on this year. I will attempt not to buy any more non-consumable tangible goods. And before buying any more consumable goods i will use up what I have. So far so good! Everything purchased this year has gone straight to the fridge-except for the toilet paper. Glad to have found you!

    • Thank you for your encouragement! Wow, not buying any more non-consumable tangible goods, now there’s a goal to pursue. I look forward to reading about your progress, as well. Looks like you’re doing great so far! It makes me happy when like-minded people can join together in a worthwhile project, I’m excited for what’s ahead!

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