HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN! I hope you’re all doing something fun/cozy/yummy/creepy today!

Here’s a recap of my Halloweekend in the village of Oak Park, IL, which consisted largely of the following:

Making sandwiches, soup, and “autumn spice” pancakes



Conversations about eyeliner

Being fascinated by Biscuit the bunny


True Blood marathons

Facebook analyses

And trying to get the cork out of a bottle of Moscato

Other than that, we only left the apartment for three things: A trip to Trader Joe’s, a night of bizarre Halloween-themed flea market fun, and brunch at Munch.

Saturday night, we made our way to Wheaton, IL with two friendly Chicago accents, Shay and Brad.

Attack of the pleather jackets and scarves! Also note our stylish seatbelts.

We arrived at the flea market, and it was HUGE, with vendors spread across a vast lot, indoors and outdoors.

There was allegedly a pony running around, but I somehow missed it every time it passed by. The boys looked at baseball cards but didn’t buy anything. Jacque bought a Dracula DVD (the one with Keanu Reeves), which we watched later that night, and I made off with some super cool flea market earrings for $10:

Sunday Jacque and I went to brunch at a little vegetarian restaurant in Oak Park called Munch. It’s pretty funny whenever we eat together because I’m vegan and she’s allergic to everything, which makes us really high maintenance with our issues combined. But this place was awesome. We had a very zen server who was happy to point out options on the menu to fit each of our needs. Fortunately they had seitan bacon, which is wheat-based and not soy-based like tofu or tempeh, so Jacque could eat it. We both loved our meals. Jacque ordered the breakfast sandwich with egg, seitan bacon, spinach, peppers, and mozzarella, and breakfast potatoes and coffee (with almond milk).

I started with a delicious vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and peppermint tea, then had the Groovy Tofu Scramble with mushrooms and peppers, sauteed greens, and mashed sweet potatoes, with a side of toast. Everything was incredibly satisfying.

And we were fortified for more episodes of True Blood.

All in all, an October weekend well spent. Thanks, Jacque!


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