We Carved Them, We Cut Them

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, not least because it falls in my favorite season. I’m probably a weirdo, but to me there is something almost cozy about creepy, spooky things. I enjoy being creeped out. But not super creeped out. Tiny creeped out. Donnie Darko creeped out. Ghostbusters creeped out. Tim Burton creeped out.

I love the imagery, sensory pleasures, and festivities of All Hallows’ Eve–the cheesy and playfully scary decorations, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, trick-or-treating, Frankenstein, Dracula, werewolves howling at the moon, witches, ghosts, ghouls, spiders, cobwebs, bobbing for apples, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” old horror movies, crunchy leaves and cool breezes, jackets and hoodies, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and other creepy music, s’mores, apple cider, chili, squash, oh my! It’s better than Christmas for me. Is that messed up? At any rate, I think it’s fabulous and marvelous and wonderful. These are the things that make a girl happy 🙂

This week’s almost record-breaking warmth and loveliness for the end of October prompted me to designate Wednesday pumpkin-picking day. I met my mum at the produce stand where my family has gotten our Halloween pumpkins since I was a wee child–the same site as the previous week’s apple cider extravaganza.

We carefully selected our soon-to-be-jack o’ lanterns. I ended up with a big round one and two small because I had a feeling I’d be my indecisive self when it came to what to carve–face or picture? Picture on the big, friendly face on the small, scary face on the other small. Done.

That evening I wrangled up one of my very favorite people, Natasha, to come over and we let our pumpkin-carving creativity run wild on the balcony.

Photos of the process. Google image searches supplied plenty of inspiration.





Natasha created a collage of pretty autumn leaves, and I copied a design I fell in love with of an owl in a tree with a full moon…

…and threw in a ghost on the side for good measure.

Butternut squash soup and pesto pasta for dinner. The pesto was starting to get moldy, but we ate it anyway because we love taking risks. It was so good! We both feel totally fine.

In a fit of festive Halloween excitement, I asked if she’d rather make raw caramel apples or creepy 3-ingredient apple bites, and presented the pros and cons of each choice, to which she replied, “OK, since you’re clearly more into this than I am, why don’t you choose…”

Apple bites it was. So simple, so tasty.

Did I mention I also somehow convinced her to watch the Cardinals in the playoffs with me twice, even though she doesn’t like baseball? What a good sport. True love.

Don’t worry, the fun isn’t over yet. I am currently en route to Chicago to visit my fabulous friend Jacque and her boyfriend, where more Halloween adventures are sure to be documented. Three words: Haunted flea market. It’s about to get real.


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