Birthday Food

Ah well, it’s a bit after the fact, but I just thought I’d share some food that happened on my birthday… two weeks ago… because I’m still thinking about it… and I just polished off the last piece of leftover birthday cake and don’t want the fun to end 🙂

My mom took me to an adorable French restaurant in Webster Groves called Cyrano’s for birthday lunch, and I was delighted to see they had a couple vegetarian and vegan options. I went with their house-made quinoa veggie burger and fries, and oh my, was it ever delicious. It came with a tangy tahini sauce that blew my mind. Mother, a vegetarian, had a grilled portabella burger with a delicious carrot slaw on the side. I tried hers and it was fantastically flavorful as well!

I was so satisfied after eating half the burger and fries, I took home the other half for leftovers the next day. Heck yes! Plus, had to save room for dessert…

…complete with a sparkler candle on top! No singing, though. Keep it classy. It was an apple spice cake, and I saved leftovers of that as well. Can you tell I love leftovers a lil bit?

Dinner was Ethiopian cuisine with my friend Natasha at one of our favorite restaurants, Meskerem–lentil samosas, followed by the best dish in the world, the vegetarian sampler platter. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in the food of the moment, I forgot to take photos. But if you’ve never had Ethiopian food, you are missing out! The flavors are out of this world, perfectly blended, and deeply satisfying. Injera bread rocks.

I had a lovely celebration with my family a couple days later with takeout from my favorite Thai restaurant, Addie’s Thai House, and my mom even baked a vegan chocolate cake with chocolate ganache that was soooo moist and delicious. I love her! The rest of my omnivorous family was very impressed, as was I. Look how cute.

All in all, best birthday eats ever. I felt so spoiled. Thanks for reading!


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